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Hydraulic vs. Electric Lifts

Before we get into the specific types of patient lifts available, let’s take a moment to step back and examine the evolution from previous-generation hydraulic lifts to today’s battery-powered electric lifts. Hydraulic lifts –powered by means of a hand-activated pump, have been around for many decades in nursing homes and acute care hospitals. Because they can be the only types of lifts covered by some insurance providers, they continue to be specified as the preferred lifts in many home care situations. However, they can be comparatively difficult to operate compared to later generations of electric lifts. There is a big difference between pushing a button and pumping a manual lift. A motorized lift can save the caregiver’s back, and patients can also be affected by hydraulic lifts, particularly those with osteoporosis or who might be affected by jarring or uneven motions. When you consider buying a hydraulic lift versus buying an electric lift, you will see that the price gap between the two is narrowing. There isn’t a great difference in price, especially if you add up all the advantages that an electric lift has. Given that electric lifts are faster, easier and safer for both caregivers and patients, you might be advised to look at electric lifts as a preferred option.

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